Car Plows Into Crowd, At Least 3 People Die In Virginia Amid Violent Protest

3:30 PM PT -- The Charlottesville police chief says the victim killed was a 32-year-old woman who was crossing an intersection. The driver -- a male -- was captured moments after attempting to flee the scene of the crime. He's in police custody, and charges are expected for criminal homicide.

The chief says at least 35 people total were injured Saturday as the result of "premeditated violence" -- including 19 from the car plowing into the crowd of protesters. He says the injuries range from life-threatening to minor.

1:30 PM PT -- A state official says the driver of the car that plowed into protesters is in custody.

12:30 PM PT -- Charlottesville Mayor

Mike Signer says 1 person has died from the car crashing into the crowd. Health officials say 20 patients were taken to UVA Medical Center with injuries and confirm one death.

Multiple outlets are reporting the pedestrians who were struck were protesters of the white nationalists' rally.

A car plowed into a group of people in Charlottesville causing bodies to go flying ... then floored it in reverse away and appeared to drive off.

Be warned -- the video is graphic. It looks like a van is slowly driving down a street with a silver car following, and then out of nowhere a gray Dodge Challenger smashes into the silver car ... causing a violent chain reaction.

Another angle of the gray car plowing into the crowd suggests it was a deliberate hit and run.

It's unclear if the people struck by the car were part of the alt-right rally or protesters or both ... but you hear someone in the first video yell, "That nazi drove into people!" Multiple injuries have been reported.

As we reported ... Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a >state of emergency

Saturday after violent clashes broke out before an alt-right rally.


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