Charlottesville Protest: White Nationalist Rally Turns ...

An independent review of the police response to the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last summer was released on Friday 

  • The report blames the City of Charlottesville for failing to protect public safety or the protesters' right to express themselves

  • The report says 'planning and coordination breakdowns' before August 12 led to 'disastrous results'

  • 'Because of their misalignment and lack of accessible protective gear, officers failed to intervene in physical altercations that took place in areas adjacent to Emancipation Park,' the report said

  • State police directed their officers 'to remain behind barricades rather than risk injury responding to conflicts between protesters and counter-protesters'

  • And Charlottesville commanders 'similarly instructed their officers not to intervene in all but the most serious physical confrontations'

  • State police and Charlottesville police were unable to communicate by radio the day of the rally because they were on different channels, the report said

  • The review also found that an officer was initially supposed to be stationed near the intersection where the car plowed into counterprotesters - killing one

  • The officer asked for relief out of safety concerns and was not replaced, he said

  • By Associated Press

    Published: 09:16 GMT, 1 December 2017 | Updated: 18:24 GMT, 1 December 2017


    Source :

    'Disastrous' policing failures are exposed in report into violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville where woman was killed after car plowed into counter-protesters
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