North Korea Warns Trump To 'talk And Act Properly,' Says ...

The Russian, said: “They are preparing for new tests of a long-range missile. 

“They even gave us mathematical calculations that they believe prove that their missile can hit the west coast of the United States.

“As far as we understand, they intend to launch one more long-range missile in the near future. 

“And in general, their mood is rather belligerent.”

The North Koreans claimed to have technology which would allow them to bring a nuclear warhead down to earth intact, he added.

Mr Lavrov and Mr Tillerson's phone call came just hours after Donald Trump's most senior general told the US Army to "stand ready" for war with North Korea.

READ MORE: US army is READY TO ACT as chief warns North Korea of ‘horrific consequences'

General James 'Mad dog' Mattis warned it is impossible to tell what the future holds for the crisis, but urged US troops to be prepared for a confrontation with Kim Jong-un.

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