Not All Foreign Influence Scandals Are Created Equal

Corporate giant Walmart is owned by the Walton family. And you can bet, they are rich. Zillions of people shop at Walmart every day around the globe. You can find a Walmart store almost everywhere. The Waltons have turned Walmart into an empire, to say the least.

You may enjoy shopping at Walmart for the low prices and availability of just about everything. Walmart is certainly a one stop shop- you can walk out with new tires, toys, cooking supplies, yarn, and all your groceries in one visit. Walmart is definitely a super store.

However, there are things about Walmart, and in particular the family who own the chain of stores that everyone has heard of and likely visited at least once, that may surprise you. There are some secrets, very dark secrets, that the Walton family would rather you did not know.

They want to maintain a glowing image of a low cost, roll back store that everyone can easily shop in, and not a store that is plagued with controversy – not only in the stores themselves, but the wealthy owners. Read on for some dark family Walton secrets. These secrets may even get you to think twice about shopping at Walmart again.

15 They Are The Richest Family In The World

The Walton family have made a fortune because of the incredible success of Walmart stores around the world. They are the wealthiest family in the world. THE WORLD. This is likely not surprising, since Walmart is huge. Everyone and anyone has heard of and/or been to a Walmart, no question there. Because of this, it is not that big of a shock that the heirs to the Walmart fortune are so incredibly, ridiculously wealthy.

The Walton family is apparently worth well over $150 billion dollars. Yeah, that is a lot of dough. In fact, they are so rich, that they have more money than the bottom 40% of all Americans. Kind of sickening, don’t you think? The Waltons have so much money, and they do not like to part with any penny of their billions.

14 They Keep Their Billions To Themselves

Not only is the Walton family stinky rich, but they wish to maintain their level of wealth, and probably even want it to get higher. It is alleged that the Walton family will do anything in their power to NEVER give up any of their billions. Like none. Unless it is for them, of course.

You think a family that is so wealthy would do so much for their community, or for the poor. Nope, not the greedy Waltons. The Walmart heirs do not give their money to charity. Now, there is a Walmart foundation, but that does not come out of the pocket of any Waltons. That is totally separate. The Waltons themselves do not care about anyone but themselves. They see their money as theirs. As their employees make low wages, they are continuing to rake in the billions.

13 Walmart Heiress Arrested For DUI

Alice Walton, heir to the billions from retail giant Walmart, allegedly likes a good drink. And apparently, the greedy heiress finds herself to be above the law, as on more than one occasion she has been caught drinking and driving.

In 1998, she was pulled over for reckless driving and was convicted of driving under the influence. Her actions did not make officers pleased, as when she was pulled over, she allegedly told them, “I’m Alice Walton, bitch!”. She paid a few hundred dollars in fines from that incident. Truly chump change for a billionaire.

Then again, in 2011, at the age of 63, Alice Walton was caught driving under the influence. She was arrested and refused a breathalyzer test.

Again, no jail time, just a few hundred dollars in fines, that is really like pennies to her.

12 They Are Terrible To Their Pregnant Employees

Being a pregnant employee of Walmart is bad, really bad.

The Walton family apparently does not value female employees, and especially those who are expecting a child. Walmart has been accused of treating their moms-to-be absolutely horrendously. So, if you are an expecting mama looking for a job, you may want to skip the application at Walmart. They will not treat you fair or right, at least according to many of their former pregnant employees.

In fact, not only does Walmart treat their pregnant employees in a horrible manner, but they actually do so illegally. There have been lawsuits against Walmart (and that wonderful Walton family) where pregnant women accuse their employer of firing them unjustly (just because they are pregnant), forcing them to be overworked, and to work in dangerous and unlawful conditions.

11 They Use Foreign, Child Laborers

Photo credit: Ye Aung Thu

Do not act surprised to find out that Walmart uses foreign laborers. That is how Walmart gets their prices so low. They use foreign labor, and even child laborers. It is estimated that over 50% of goods at Walmart are made overseas. Walmart seeks to lower their cost to lower your cost, but at what cost is that?

None of us want to imagine a child in another country doing hard labor and suffering. Well, not the Waltons. They go above and beyond to seek the foreign country that offers labor at a low cost, including child labor. They have been accused of even paying off officials in foreign countries to get their products finished faster. The Waltons do not reveal their labor practices, and there is a seriously harmful and sad reason for that.

10 They Underpay Their Female Workers

Women account for more than half of Walmart’s work force across the country and world, yet, there is a fact regarding pay that the Walton’s would rather you didn’t know.

A recent study found that female employees of Walmart make $1.16 an hour LESS than their male counterparts.

Alice Walton Home

As women, moms, sisters, etc., it is sad to find that there are still companies out there who treat female workers as less than equal to males. Walmart seems to want to cut corners any way possible, even if that means not valuing their female employees and paying them far less than a man who does the same exact job. In no way should any pay discrepancy be happening in any company this day in age, especially a corporate giant like Walmart!

9 They Purposefully Drive Out Small Businesses

Everyone knows that when a giant, chain store comes into an area with mom and pop shops, those smaller shops often do not stand a chance. Walmart does offer incredibly low prices compared to other, locally owned small businesses, which only hurt those small businesses often owned by our friends, family, and neighbors.

Photographer: Beth Hall/Bloomberg

The thing is though, Walmart could really care less about those mom and pop shops.

In fact, it is alleged that they seek out areas with only small businesses, so that they are go in and be the big king in town, and drive out those other small business competitors. While mom and pop shops may give back to the local community, Walmart does not. They will come in and take the local people’s money, but never contribute to the local community. Never, ever.

8 They Do Not Treat Their Livestock Well

We all have a soft spot for animals. Especially when we become moms, those sweet, innocent eyes of a baby animal can make us melt. Well, maybe not all of us.

The Waltons do not seem to care much about their livestock. It does not matter how animals are treated. For the Waltons, as long as they can sell them and make money, that is all that matters.

Walmart does not ensure that livestock sold in their stores are treated well beforehand. Many of us, even if we are meat eaters, do not want to think that the animal suffered before being featured on our plate. So if you care about that, don’t pay for meat at Walmart, because they do not care how their livestock is treated at all.

7 They Discriminate Against Those With Disabilities

You may be thinking, well, doesn’t Walmart usually hire a greeter for all their stores, and that employee is usually one with some type of disability or special need? While this is true in many cases; some say Walmart puts on a farce by hiring one person with a noticeable disability. This has not been proven, but has been accused against the Walton family.

Walmart has been at the center of serious lawsuits involving discrimination against those with disabilities.

They have been accused of not hiring people due to their disability, firing employees due to their disability alone, and allowing their disabled employees to be harassed. In fact, many times, if an employee threatens to go public and sue, the Waltons step in to pay the person off, so that the public is unaware of the issue.

6 They Were Accused Of Taking Bribes

Back in 2012, Walmart was caught in a huge bribery scandal. The Walton family owns Walmart stores all over the world. This specific bribery scandal involved their Mexican Walmart locations. There are many, many Walmart stores located in Mexico, many more than we even realize.

To open a store in Mexico is not easy. But it was pretty easy for the zillionaire Walton family, who, instead of adhering to the laws on opening new stores in Mexico, decided to go around any rules.

They allegedly bribed Mexican officials for years just to open more and more stores in that country. Walmart’s global department supposedly opened an investigation, but then closed it with no results that the public was made aware of. Does that seem a little fishy to you?

5 They Have Numerous Safety Violations

Imagine being a mom, or any person for that matter, who is forced to work in a location that is unsafe. For many mothers, and others, that is a reality for their jobs at Walmart. Walmart is almost notorious for allowing employees to work in unsafe conditions, and also overworking them, with the threat of termination if they do not agree to work extended overtime.

In recent years, the Waltons have been accused of allowing Walmart locations in the United States and elsewhere to actually lock their employees in the store overnight. The company refers to this practice as night lock ins. Employees are unable to leave, even if there is an emergency. Imagine that?! It’s the truth! They were so worried their employees working the night stocking shifts would leave, so they thought it would be perfectly fine to lock them in.

4 They Have Been Accused Of Wage Theft

The Waltons really want every penny for themselves. We have seen that they pay employees a low wage and not fairly, but they have also been accused of wage theft! As if their billions are not enough, they steal from their employees who likely make minimum wage or less.

Wage theft includes Walmart forcing employees to work when they were off the clock, or forcing unpaid overtime. They have also been accused of making employees purchase their own uniforms. Not surprisingly, when this news first broke, stock in Walmart went down. The Waltons do not want the public to know any of this. But we have to wonder, why are they so greedy?! Workers have sued Walmart for unpaid wages and have successfully won.

3 Their Health Care For Employees Sucks

A recent study has shown that Walmart workers get sick more on average than workers in other, similar types of jobs.

Not really a mystery, since Walmart is notorious for being cheap and skimpy on employee health care. Walmart continues to cut health benefits for their employees year after year. The cycle will likely never end, either.

Again, we see the Waltons doing the bare minimum. If the law did not force them to provide health care, they would not at all, you can bet on that! If you are sick or get sick a lot, do not work at Walmart. Your co-pays will be high, and your insurance likely will not cover anything. And Walmart will take a big chunk out of your paycheck anyway.

2 They Act Like They Care

The only ones the Walton and Walmart family care about is themselves. They put on a image that they are for the community and charities. Partly, that is true. There is a charity that the founder of Walmart created. But the Walmart heirs, the rest of the Waltons, they care about one thing, and one thing only- how much money they have in their own pockets.

Their commercials may show happy families and smiling employees, but that is all false. Sure, customers may be pleased at the low prices, but after all this, will you be a happy shopper at Walmart? When you shop there, you are adding to their greed. To them you are dollar signs in their eyes, that’s it.

1 They Are The Greediest Family In The World

The Waltons are unlike other billionaires. Many billionaires, such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, make pledges to charities. They have a ton of money, after all. Almost too much. Not the Waltons. They are as greedy as greedy gets.

The Walmart Foundation that does donate to charities is not controlled by the family. However, all the rest of the zillions that Walmart makes gets passed on to the heirs.

Not only do they get all that dough, and a lot of it, but they even allegedly avoid paying certain taxes!

Yes, the wealthiest family in the world has found loopholes to avoid paying taxes on their billions. Did you know that the Walmart heirs were like this? Did you know that this supposedly ‘family oriented’ business was really all about the cash- all the billions of it?!

Sources: Business Insider, Gawker, Daily Mail UK

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