Obamacare���s Individual Mandate, The New Target In The GOP Tax Plan, Explained

Republicans ultimately succeeded in blocking Clintoncare, and when they did interest in GOP universal coverage plans vanished almost as quickly as they’d appeared. But years later, in Massachusetts, then-Governor >Mitt Romney, also a Republican, decided the mandate should be part of his state’s initiative to make coverage universal. He cited the very same logic Butler had ― in part, perhaps, because he’d worked with Heritage on crafting his plan. “It’s the ultimate conservative idea, which is that people have responsibility for their own care, and they don’t look to government to take [care] of them if they can afford to take care of themselves,” Romney said in >2005.

Source : https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/individual-mandate-gop_us_5a15b4f6e4b03dec8249bc83

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