The Latest: Israel Calls US Decision ‘turning Point’ For UN

PARIS (AP) — Israel’s U.N. ambassador is calling the United States’ withdrawal from UNESCO “a turning point.”

Danny Danon said in a statement that the United Nation’s education, cultural and scientific agency now knows that its “absurd and shameful resolutions against Israel have consequences.”

Danon said: “Today is a new day at the U.N., where there is a price to pay for discrimination against Israel.”

The United States announced Thursday that it is pulling out of UNESCO because of what the Trump administration sees as its anti-Israel bias and a need for “fundamental reform.”

Danon praised the U.S. decision. He says: “The United States stands by Israel and is a true leader for change at the U.N.”

Danon added: “The alliance between our two countries is stronger than ever.”

UNESCO extended membership to Palestine in 2011.

Danon said: “UNESCO has become a battlefield for Israel-bashing and has disregarded its true role and purpose.”

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