Violent Protest At Home Ministry: Police Arrest 15




- The police have arrested 15 people allegedly involved in the protest that turned violent outside the Home Affairs Ministry on Wednesday afternoon.

The protesters were reported to have thrown rocks at the building.

"The office building is damaged, glasses are broken, and some of the computers are damaged," The Jakarta Police's director general of criminal investigation Comr. Nico Afinta told reporters in Jakarta, Wednesday, October 11.

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The clash happened during a protest over a dispute in the Tolikara election in Papua.

The 15 men were arrested after the police searched the parameters following the incident. The police also took some evidence, such as stones and broken glasses.

The police are still questioning the men to obtain further information. "We are still interrogating the perpetrators to determine why and how they are involved," Nico said.


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Violent Protest at Home Ministry: Police Arrest 15
Police arrest 15 allegedly involved in violence outside Home Ministry
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